Google Sheets COUNTBLANK Function

What does it do?

The Google Sheets COUNTBLANK function very simply counts the number of empty cells in a range.  Empty cells are literally cells with nothing in them.  It’s worth noting an empty output from a formula in a cell will also be counted as BLANK.

Syntax Explained

Google Sheets COUNTBLANK function in the formula bar showing syntax.

Value1: This is the range of cells to count that are empty.

Value2 and up to value??? (optional): This is any additional numbers or ranges to check if they are empty.


1. COUNTBLANK covering all types

Example of a Google Sheets COUNTBLANK function showing some cells filled with number or text string.

The above screen shot demonstrates various types of ways a cell can be filled, or not.

The rows below are ALL deemed to be NOT BLANK when using the COUNTBLANK function:

Row 3 – Filled with a text.

Row 4 – Filled with a number (note this can be ANY number i.e. Date, whole number, fraction etc).

Row 5 – A cell containing a SPACE, not visually obvious, so I underlined it in my example.

Row 9 – A formula populating a result into a cell

Row 10 – As above but an error result

The rows below are ALL deemed to be BLANK when using the COUNTBLANK function:

Row 6 – A formula that outputs empty result, show by the red double quotes.

Row 7 – An actual empty cell, filled with nothing more than, well, nothing!

Row 8 – See above