Welcome to my new Business blog


Hi Internet,

This blog will form a myriad of purposes:

  1. To share with you my journey in Excel and Google Sheets by way of short, clear and concise tutorials in written form so you can improve your skills and productivity.
  2. To share my journey from a Maths and Art lover during school to now, a freelancing Excel and Google Sheets Reporting Analyst working the hours, days for the value I believe I’m worth as I desire, all in the comfort of my own home.
  3. To inspire you to follow your ambition and know that you must try, for even if you don’t succeed you have succeeded in trying.  If there is anything I should share with you now, it’s to never give up, to keep pushing the limits of your knowledge, no matter what.

I’ve had an amazing journey learning how to unleash the potential from
within Excel over the course of my life to date. I’ve also had the same
experience with Google Sheets after discovering it existed by landing my first large
freelance project online in August 2017.

I would love to share my journey with you and along the way we can all learn
something new.  I hope this helps you as
many blogs, online content has in turn helped myself reach where I am today.

It takes one article, one event, to turn your life in a new direction and
into a world where you can be free from the constraints of employment and have
more time to do this things you want for yourself and your friends/family.

Let’s begin the journey…..

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