Excel and Google Sheets Consultancy Services

I offer a wide range of services in Excel and Google Sheets to help you achieve the solutions you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? I can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about my fees. Get in touch below.

Formula Solutions

Do you need your Workbook to do the calculating for you? Big or small, I’m here to provide you with efficient and robust Excel or Google Sheets formula solutions.

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Chart Solutions

How about black and white data needing a visual kick? A single chart, or part of a wider dashboard, I can create dynamic charts that update automatically when data is added and allow for date period selection.

Template Solutions

Need something to work for your Clients again and again, a quote calculator, or tools for your Business Advisory role? I offer design solutions of templates for your business.

Data Cleaning

Need some data cleaning, duplicates removed, text split or joined? I can utilise my extensive skills with formula solutions, filters, find & replace plus filters to make light work of it.

VBA and Google Script Automation

Need some automation? Big or small, I’m here to provide you with efficient and robust VBA (Excel) or Google Script code.

VBA and Google Script Buttons

Would you like to run automation with the click of a button? I can install buttons to support VBA or Google Script code.

Let’s build something together.